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See here for New Woman at the Museum of Brisbane: 




Perspectives exhibition

A great new initiative in the Executive Suites at Middlesex County College is the inaugural Perspectives exhibition. Recently I curated 38 student artists from Fine Art and Media Arts, into a wonderful exhibition at Middlesex County College. A showcase of student work, there are works as diverse as printmaking, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, design and photography that fill the walls and creates a dialogue that speaks to perspectives on many levels.


A great success, we had the opening reception on December 13th where over 15 of the artists were present and met the Interim President Dr. Mark McCormick and upper level administrators such as Michelle Campbell, Mr. Jeff Herron and Dean Linda Scherr.


On and Off the Wall

On and Off the Wall is my next curatorial project. I plan to exhibit some tintypes I made last year in West Virginia.

Rouchly 4 inches x 5 inches, they are delicate, highly detailed and are positives. Working in this way is such a different way to represent the world. It kind of hard to look past the process with this kind of medium, so the subject matter is important. Tintypes were popular from about the 1850's. They are also known as Ferrotypes. Hey were highly popular from about the 1850's and you could get them right up till the 1950's.


The process goes something like the following images. It is all wet and to capture the image on the wet plate is the idea. A tintype is a wet plate process. Once coated by hand, exposed the silver nitrate and further developed in dilute fixer and water baths, it is left to dry and harden.


It is a great process, if you can afford the time for it. It is fiddly and the darkroom needs to be very near as its best to 'coat' and shoot.










Grant writing

In the midst of grant writing and project formation and planning.

One grant for work, one for my art and residency applications. 







A busy summer filled with visual perfection at every turn. From France to upstate NY it's been a visual feast. I've loved this summer so much for the time it has given me to devote to my work and family time. I attended and experienced a retreat for the first time. #12144 was the result for this time, and I got to explore Paris with Anne, my love. We had a ball on the water, in the galleries, in the streets and buildings of this most beautiful city. I have such a love for Paris!